A reading on how to find the path from love

In the age of asking Google everything, sometimes the best answers lie within oneself. Contrary to popular belief, doing an Akashic Records reading is not like experiencing an episode of Netflix's Sabrina. Cinema has taken it upon itself to ridicule anything to do with the spiritual realm, so it's no wonder you imagine yourself sitting in front of a grey-haired old woman waving her hands around a crystal ball in a dark, musty-smelling room.
Fortunately, none of that is real, and here we bring you the expert's take on it. Gabriela Vaccaro started her career in the programming industry, and little by little her curiosity led her to psychology. She graduated from the Catholic University of La Plata motivated by the desire to help people find their happiness, although seeing that the road to healing is a long one caused her concern. In our country, she trained as a Yoga teacher and also in the opening of Akashic Records, and has been working in this field for more than ten years. But what is this universe all about?

Opening the Akashic Records is an experience of healing and energetic unblocking, it is like having a conversation with yourself but through a channel, and that channel is Gabriela. Believe or bust. One day she herself arrived skeptical to a session with an important anguished weight, at the beginning she didn't understand anything and many years later, that same person who had done the opening of her records ended up being her own teacher.

The Akashic Records are an ancient technique of spiritual connection with oneself through a mantra.

To find out more about all this, Gabriela welcomes us in her flat in Malvin, where we immediately feel the neutral and friendly space. In addition, she transmits a peace and joy that makes you feel immediately comfortable and really want to open up. The session begins with a phrase that Gabriela pronounces to open your registers and that is where the energy begins to flow, establishing a new order. Without knowing anything about our life, she starts talking and telling us things that were very accurate about us, at that moment we understood that there was something stronger that was beyond our understanding.

Before the session, we have an instance of talk in which he explains to us what he is going to be doing and takes away all possible doubts about the practice. It was there that he told us, for example, that opening the registers is connecting with the wisdom we carry within and not looking outside. In fact, when we meditate we are connecting with our records, so it is not something foreign or external to us. So, if we don't give her permission, Gabriela cannot open the registers, it is not that she goes through life looking inside everyone, quite the contrary: it is a sacred space of peace and healing that she respects very much.

When we ask her how she prepares for this kind of meetings with her clients, she tells us that it is a 24 hours a day job, which requires taking care of one's own energy, and that is why she is helped by the practice of yoga, which favours states of harmony and balance, in order to be the best possible channel for others.

What you need to know before going to an opening of records
Before attending you can think about those situations that are generating doubts, pain or sadness, so that when the time comes you can shed light on them and resolve them.
When you come to this technique it is because you are ready to receive that message. What you receive is who you are.
Nothing you are told is going to be external to your own being, they are things that are in your conscious or unconscious awareness, we just don't want to hear them sometimes.
When you ask a question, ask it from your being and not from others. Example: if you come from a string of bad relationships, don't ask why all the men you know end up leaving you, but rather ask yourself what you have to learn from relationships.
Be intuitive when choosing what you want to meet and with whom you want to do this experience of healing and love.
The session can last up to two hours, depending on each person. Gabriela recommends a minimum period of six months in case you want to do it again.
No more than two chairs are required for the session: do not imagine hanging rabbit's feet or tarot cards, nothing could be further from the truth.
Go through this experience with simplicity and relaxation, knowing that it does not interfere with any religion or belief. It is a "short cut" to healing, which with psychological therapy would take years.
There are no set recipes when it comes to the spiritual plane and each case is different, so our recommendation is to live it to understand it. We especially suggest that you contact Gabriela, not only because her training as a psychologist helps a lot, but also because she is really kind, gentle and transparent, which gives you the security you need!

Although most of our clients come to her through recommendations, she suggests that when choosing an akashic therapist to go through the experience, we should be intuitive to perceive if there is a similar resonance. If you feel there is not, trust that when the time is right you will find the right channel. And if you are still wondering whether to do it or not, think about this: when the outside becomes noisy and uncertain, inside we always find the strength and guidance to find the new way forward. Go ahead!


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