Several earrings in the ear? Tips to wear them with style

In the 90s, in addition to bombers, pink hair and chokers, another trend that was all the rage was to wear a lot of earrings, especially piercings. For some time now, the last decade of the 20th century has come back to stay, as far as fashion is concerned. But in a classier, more relaxed way.

So relax, because before you get your hands up in your head, we're not talking about the grunge style where the more earrings you put in your ear, the better. No, because the new version of this trend follows Alqimia's minimalist and sophisticated trend. Having clarified this point, if you want to wear several earrings in your ear, without losing your distinguished style, keep reading this article!

Go minimal when combining your earrings!
If there's one thing that never changes when it comes to style, it's the predilection for small details, those that seem harmless, but that make up a look brimming with elegance. In fact, it only takes a glance at fashion magazines to see that the trend of wearing more than one earring in the ear goes hand in hand with minimal style.

This trend is perfect for everyday looks because, believe it or not, multiple earrings don't overload your face. What they do do is rejuvenate your face, as they add a modern touch to your look. Also, if you combine earrings of different shapes, such as a heart earring with a cross earring, both you and your earrings will stand out much more.

In our online shop, you can find earrings with these and more shapes and, thus, design your own combinations, such as, for example, wearing the origami crane next to the infinity in golden steel, a sure hit! Also, all in surgical steel, perfect for the most sensitive ears!

Hoop earring and pendant, together? You can do it!
Within the fashion of wearing two or more earrings in the ear there are different types of style depending on the outfit you wear or what you want to transmit with your look. In the previous section, we said that minimal earrings are your allies to achieve a more informal and elegant style, but if you want to take a risk and give it a bolder touch, try this combination: hoop earrings with a dangling earring.

This pair of earrings is ideal for an evening outfit or to combine with more elaborate make-up, such as smoky shadows or a lipstick with red or burgundy tones.

We recommend wearing a hoop earring with a sparkling touch, such as zirconia to light up the face, and a more delicate pendant, such as a feather or infinity.

No matter what style you like the most, if you have joined this trend of wearing more than one earring, at Alqimia you will find a wide variety of products to succeed. Don't hesitate any longer and join this new nineties nostalgia!


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